Bakery July 18

Hello! I have just returned from Riverside Bible Camp where I have been cooking and baking all week. I will be at the market tomorrow with the following items: Granola $7/lb. Breads $5: whole wheat flax, honey oat, rhubarb, brioche, fougasse olive bread, sourdough Breads $6.50: gruyere cheese, Italian cheese … Continue reading

Items Available at the Farmers Market of Wausau for Memorial Day Weekend

I’ll have the following items available for sale at the Farmers Market of Wausau on Sat. 23, 2015: Breads: Whole wheat flax, honey oat, cinnamon swirl, brioche, cheese breads, JoJo’s rye, sour dough Cinnamon Rolls Pastries: apple, blueberry, cherry, triple berry, strawberry rhubarb, rhubarb, blueberry cream, blackberry creamCinnamon Twists Kolaches: … Continue reading

Goat Cheese


Make your own Goat cheese. My daughter Havilah milks her own goat and makes her own cheese. As a school project, she will be sharing some instruction on how to make it as well as some tips. A few supplies you will need: Equipment: Fresh Goat Milk Started Cheese culture Chèvre … Continue reading