Bakery July 18


I have just returned from Riverside Bible Camp where I have been cooking and baking all week. I will be at the market tomorrow with the following items:

Granola $7/lb.
Breads $5: whole wheat flax, honey oat, rhubarb, brioche, fougasse olive bread, sourdough
Breads $6.50: gruyere cheese, Italian cheese (price difference due to expense of cheese)
Scones $2: blueberry, cherry-almond blackberry, 3berry, apple-pecan
Kolaches $6: blueberry, cherry, blackberry, almond, lemon,
Brioche Rolls $3: chocolate, rasp. cream, blackberry cream, caramel apple pecan
Pastry $2: apple, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, 3 berry, blueberry cream, blackberry cream
Cinnamon Twists $1.50
Cinnamon Roll $2
Cookies 50 cents: molasses, healthy oat, choc. chip-m&m, double chocolate, peanut butter
Cupcakes $1: red velvet, dark chocolate, vanilla

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