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Loaves average two pounds and are rich in flavor and very healthy.

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Honey Oat Bread is great for sandwiches.

Honey Oat 
One of our family’s favorite breads, my kids can’t seem to get enough of it and always ask me to make a loaf for them when they see me preparing for the market. This smooth-textured bread tastes great with butter, toasted, or in a sandwich.



Whole Wheat Flax
Enjoy the benefits of flax seed with this healthy bread made with 100% stone-ground whole wheat flour and ground flax. It is sweetened with locally harvested honey and Minnesotan molasses.

JoJo's Rye takes me back to my days in Germany.

JoJo’s Rye takes me back to my days in Germany.

Rye Breads
I make different varieties of Rye bread, including Russian, German, Swedish and Jewish Rye. Try a loaf, I think you’ll be surprised at the depth of flavor these breads offer. I also make an original recipe rye, “JoJo’s Rye,” made with stone ground whole wheat, oats, pumpernickel rye, coffee and cocoa and my sour dough base.  My personal favorites are JoJo’s Rye and Russian Rye.


This is one of the favorites at the farmer’s market. Made with stone ground whole grain flours, this bread offers great taste with maximum fiber and nutrients.


Brioche hamburger buns and loaves

One of the specialties of France, this bread is slightly sweet and has a very delicate, airy texture.  It is made with rich European-style butter, eggs, milk and white flour.



Gruyere, cheese, bread, French, French Bread,

My French bread smothered with Gruyere cheese

Cheese bread
I make two types of cheese breads, Gruyere and an Italian Cheese.  These are extremely popular and sell out quickly so I recommend ordering these ahead.  The Gruyere cheese bread is excellent when reheated in the oven as the cheese re-melts and gives off an amazing aroma.



This is an olive bread made in the south of France, traditionally shaped in the form of a leaf.  Loaded with Kalmata and garlic stuffed olives and seasoned with fresh thyme, herbes de provence, and organic olive oil, this gourmet bread is almost a meal in itself. Available in rounds or the traditional leaf shape.


Sour doughSourdough
I offer a white, wheat, multigrain and rye version of my sourdough.  These breads’ tangy flavor and crisp crust will remind you of the traditional San Francisco sourdough.

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