chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream

chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream

Cupcakes $1 reg. $2 jumbo, filled

I experimented quite a bit with cake recipes before honing in on my top three, which I offer at the market in the spring and fall and only upon request during the hot summer.  If you are interested in ordering  for a wedding or other large event, I can work in other flavor options.  Please call ahead a minimum of 1 week.

My “Dark Chocolate Dream” is a chocolate lover’s piece of heaven topped with dark chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries.  The jumbo version is filled with chocolate custard.

My Vanilla cupcake is so moist and fragrant, I know you’ll love it.  Topped with butter cream and fresh fruit, this cake is actually refreshing to eat.

My Red Velvet cake is actually my most popular at the market and also my personal favorite.  I’ve had many customers say this is the best cupcake they’ve ever eaten,  It is topped with cream cheese frosting and berries.

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