An overview of what we make

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The Sweet Stuff
The majority of what I make are sweets. Below is a list of items I make and sell at the Farmers market of Wausau. The dough for all items are made from scratch.

Scones – I normally don’t like dry scones so I make my scones moist with more butter and lots of fruit.  Available in blueberry, blackberry, cherry-almond, and triple berry.

French Pasty – I hand make the dough from scratch using real “European style” butter. The fruit fillings I use is never from a can and I try to use only local fruits when they are available. In fact, some of the fruits are from my backyard. With the French Pastry, I make Cinnamon Twists, and a wide array of fruit filled pastry products. The most common fruit filings include: Apple, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry/rhubarb, cherry, raspberry and triple berries. For pricing and additional information go here.

Kolache – This is a sweet desert item I make what has real fruit with cream cheese filling and almond flavored icing. It is a larger item that can be shared. Fillings include blueberry, blackberry, cherry, poppy seed, lemon, almond, and raspberry.

Cinnamon Rolls – One of the last items we pull from the over are the Cinnamon Rolls. They are normally still warm when we arrive at the market.

Chocolate Brioche – My brioche is made with European style butter, so the flavor is rich but the texture is light and airy. It is swirled in chocolate and pecan.

Brioche Tartlets – One of my newer creation, using the brioche dough as a base, it is combined with cream cheese and fruit.

Cookies – We make a variety of flavors. Our most common cookies are chocolate chip, “Healthy” granola nut cookie, triple chocolate and Molasses. Other we make are snicker doodle, lemon and peanut butter.

Cupcakes and cake – Make with an original recipe, it is heavier than the average cupcake, but it is moist and full of flavor. I make red velvet, vanilla and chocolate flavor.

Pies – Made with real fruit never from a can. We try to get locally grown fruit whenever possible.

Savory Creations
Bruffins – This was an idea I had because my husband doesn’t really like sweets, It’s a savory muffin that can be eaten for breakfast, hence the hame “bruffin”. The three flavors I make are cheddar/jalapeno, cheddar/onion, and Italian/pepperoni.

Hand made Breads
All the breads I make are from scratch and hand formed.

Cheese breads – I make two types of cheese breads, Gruyere and an Italian Cheese. They are very popular, but do to time constraints, I make a limited amount I am normally sold out within the first hour at the market. Preordering for these breads are recommended.

Healthy breads – Honey oat, multigrain, rye and whole wheat flax.

Specialty breads – Crioche, Fougasse (olive bread), and sourdough.

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