Other treats

10311213_717548758302705_8079885125264130262_nCinnamon Rolls $2
My cinnamon rolls are so soft and moist and have such a great aroma they are hard to resist.  I glaze them with an almond frosting and offer them freshly baked every Saturday morning.  They are still warm when we arrive at the market.



538005_692514887472759_867413876_nKolache $6
I make my kolaches large and filled with cream cheese and fruit.  Choose from blueberry, blackberry. cherry, poppy seed, lemon, almond, and raspberry.  I think you’ll be amazed at how good these taste.




11203078_912762735447972_3534103020196535404_nGranola $7/lb
My slow-roasted granola is sweetened with honey and maple syrup and filled with pecans, almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and cranberries.  This is what I feed my own family for breakfast instead of cereal.  It keeps them full and happy all morning!




10685492_787947487929498_2395704663419186813_nChocolate Brioche $3.50
I often describe this as a doughnut without the grease.  My brioche is made with European style butter, so the flavor is rich but the texture is light and airy.  Combine that with chocolate and pecans and you have a breakfast treat you’ll want every Saturday morning!

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