Pies and Cakes

Our PiesĀ $12-$15
All pies are made from scratch with four to six cups of real fruit and the freshest ingredients we can find. These 10-inch pies are a perfect dessert for family gatherings and serve up to 12.

Apple Pies
Made with locally grown apples, these pies are sure to please the taste buds. Apples are usually from our small orchard, or from my parents’ apple orchard near Iron Mountain, Michigan.

Cherry Pies
I use cherries from Door County for this tart delicious pie.

Raspberry Pies
These pies are made special order as the fruit costs a bit more. When in season, I try to use freshly-picked raspberries whenever possible.

Triple Berry Pies
If you love berries, you’ll love this pie. It has a nice mix of Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry.

Other Pies
The pies listed above are just a sample of the pies we make. If there is a specific pie you would like, please email us or call us and let us bake one up for you.

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