These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Having the right tools always makes my job easier in the bakery.  There are a few things I can not do without and I wanted to share them with you.

Bench scraper/Dough Cutter I use this tool constantly for cutting bread dough, lifting sticky doughs, cutting and lifting my scones, and scraping my tables clean.  This is my number one favorite tool.  Below are three versions (I have all of them). In general, they all work the same, but just have a different feel in your hand.

This one feels the best in my hand, but dough gets trapped in the handle making it more difficult to clean.



This one is the easiest to clean, but is a bit narrow for my grip.


This one is easy to grip, but the wooden handle must be hand washed.

Rolling Pins There are many types of rolling pins, but I have favorites for specific jobs.

I prefer this one for rolling out my scones because I get a nice, even pressure without having the sticky dough get stuck in a handle rod.

This is the pin I use to roll out pastry dough and to pound the butter into a flat square.  The narrow ends allow me to hold on easily and use the pin like a hammer.

I have a very large version of this pin that I use for rolling out doughs for cinnamon rolls or my brioche au chocolat.  This is good for firm doughs that need to be stretched far.

Proofing bin I use large clear bins for letting my bread dough rise.  This way I can see the state of the dough without having to lift the lid and it stays air tight and moist.

Apple Peeler-Slicer I love tools that save me time.  This is a must to have in the fall when the apples are ripe and you want to make dozens of pies.  When we use this we say we’re “cranking out apples.”

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