Who Loves Brioche As Much As I Do?

Brioche: rich, buttery, slightly sweet, light and feathery with a thin crisp crust, eaten and created by the French.  Who could resist?  I love brioche dough because of its versatility.  I can use it for sweet or savory preparations from my Brioche au Chocolat to my new bacon and gruyere breakfast brioche.  As I write this my kids are devouring a loaf fresh from the oven.  I hope you’ll stop by my stand this season and try some!

This dough can be tricky to master, but patient practice always makes perfect!  If you are attempting to make your own, just remember these few tips:

1. The butter must be cold when added to the dough or you will get a very greasy dough and the flavor won’t be as good

2. This dough is much easier if you use a stand mixer.  Let it mix a good ten minutes after all ingredients have been added.

3. This should be a very wet dough; don’t add too much flour!

4. Chilling this dough for a minimum of 12 hours is a must!

5. It takes about 6 hours for my chilled, shaped dough to rise, so be patient!

So although this usually is a 24 hour minimum process, it is definitely worth it if you get it done correctly.  Let me know how yours turns out!

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